Photograph of Gabe Neri

Hi, I'm Gabe Neri! This is my portfolio site where I share all of my favorite work that I have created. When I'm not designing and writing code, I like to workout and cook. I love food! I enjoy mountain biking, hiking, and playing the guitar.

I love to travel and I have already seen a good part of the world. I have always loved design ever since I started playing video games. I spend a lot of time in Photoshop and other programs to maximize my effectiveness as a Designer.

The web has had a huge impact on my life, that's for sure. I have always appreciated its open source nature. I feel that's the most important aspect of it. As I have grown up with the web, I have seen its vulnerabilities and the need for its continued success.

I want to build on that success by making the web a polished experience for all, one page at a time. I am currently attending Platt college in San Diego for my Associate of Applied Science Degree in Graphic Design. I plan to continue for my BAS in Web Design.